Tampa Stone floor restoration

Reasons to Restore your stone floor

Wear and Tear

High foot traffic, moving furniture, or pets can cause scratches and scuff marks

Stains and Discoloration

Caused by spills, inappropriate cleaning products, or UV light exposure

Chipping and Cracking

 Physical damage from impact or shifting furniture

Erosion or Pitting

Occurs in high-traffic areas or due to acidic spills


Over time, stone can lose its natural luster and sheen

Restorative Cleaning

Deep cleaning to remove ingrained dirt and grime


Customers looking to enhance the natural patterns and colors of the stone

Property Sale Preparation

Restoring floors to improve property value and appeal to potential buyers.


Tampa Stone Floor Restoration process

Step 1

Move and replace furniture.

Step 2

Tape walls and cabinets to protect them from moisture and residue involved in the process.

Step 3

Fill holes using a polyester product that is colored to blend with the tile.

Step 4

Hone (wet sand) the floors using diamond abrasive pads and water to lubricate the diamonds under a weighted floor machine. We start with aggressive level pads and step up to softer grits that make the stone smoother until we get the floor really smooth and ready to polish.

Step 5

Polish and seal the floor using a product that is designed to give a hard long-lasting shine.

How long will it take to restore my stone floor?

We complete approximately 1,000 sf in 8 hours. Before we leave for the day, we replace all the furniture and make sure everything is as clean as before we started.

There is some noise associated with the restoration process but customers that work from home are always able to do their work while our work is in progress.

What should i do to prepare my home for Tampa stone floor restoration?

All you need to do is move small items from the top of the furniture and we’ll do the heavy lifting and furniture moving.

How do I maintain my floor after it’s been restored?

Dust mopping and wet mopping using a ph neutral floor cleaner on a regular basis is advised. Sand tracked in on the bottom of shoes tends to be the biggest culprit in  damaging floors in the Tampa area. Change to inside shoes when you enter the house to keep your floor clean and flaw-free. 

How long a restoration job will last depends on the how the floor is cared for. With regular maintenance the shine on a polished stone floor can last 5 years or more. 

Stone discoloration & Stain removal

Stains and discoloration on stone floors can be a homeowner’s nightmare. These unsightly marks, often resulting from accidental spills, the use of unsuitable cleaning products, or prolonged UV light exposure, can significantly diminish the natural beauty and elegance of stone surfaces.

Addressing these issues requires expertise and specialized treatments to ensure the stone’s integrity remains intact. By hiring a stone floor restoration expert like AFC Floor Care, homeowners can effectively and safely counteract these blemishes, restoring their floor’s pristine appearance and preserving its value.

Whatever your needs may be please call us at 813-933-6049 for a free consultation so that we can help to keep your floors clean and shiny for years to come.

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